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• High-quality HD optic resin lenses
• Independent focal adjustments
• Improved FOV (field of view)
• Includes Bluetooth® controller

ReTrak Elite Edition VR Goggles With HeadPhones

ReTrak Elite Edition VR Goggles With HeadPhones

ReTrak Utopia 360o Elite Edition Virtual Reality Headset. Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality machine! HD Optic Resin Lens and optimized field of view foran elevated 360 experience Independent focal adjustments for users with varying prescriptions for each eye Improved FOV (field of view) delivers a more immersive, theater-like experience Phone holderexpands from both directions when inserting your phone for easier setup Arrow inside the headset points to the middle of your phone for proper alignment and optimal view Includes Bluetooth gaming controller Built-in capacitive touch button maximizesapp compatibility Removable face plate is compatible with augmented reality apps 3-way adjustable straps for long lasting comfort Works with virtually all smartphones Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.2 x 4.4 in (21.8 x 15.7 x 11.2 cm) Weight: 18.3oz (519g) Go anywhere--virtually! Immerse yourself in virtual worlds, simulated games, and 3D movies with the ReTrak Utopia 360 Elite Edition Virtual Reality Headset! It features a new HD Optic Resin Lens and optimized field of view for an elevated 360o experience.Simply place your smartphone into the headset andenjoy stunning, fully immersive views in seconds!The lightweight headset features memory foam padding and adjustable straps, making it comfortable for anyone. And its dual independent focus adjustments help to minimize eyestrain while viewing the phone's screen so you can stay in your alternate reality as long as you w