Manfrotto MK190GOC4TB 3Way Camera Centre Dublin Ireland

Manfrotto MK190GOC4TB 3Way


• 90° column system lets to shoot from new perspectives
• Twist Lock allows effortless fast set up and increases lightness
• New Leg Angle Selector allows to have smooth operations
• The Easy Link allows to add accessories to the tripod as LED
• New 804 Adapto 3Way head ideal for precise framing on all 3 axes

Manfrotto MK190GOC4TB 3Way

Manfrotto MK190GOC4TB 3Way
Product Code: MK190GOC4TB
Barcode/EAN: 8024221652123
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Twist Lock Legs

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tubes: 100% Carbon Fibre

Manfrotto tubes are made of 100% carbon fibre in order to reach high quality standards and high levels of performance, rigidity and lightness. Carbon fibre tubes can be very different in quality, depending on the production process and the percent of carbon fibre material present in the tubes. Manfrotto chose to reach the maximum quality using 100% carbon fibre and the pull winding technology (a special production process able to maximise performance, resistance and reliability).

The 190 go! completes the advanced hobbyist and professional offering with a more compact and easy to transport version of the successful 190 XPRO. In its carbon fiber version, and with the new 804 Mark II 3 way head, it delivers maximum rigidity and lightness combined with great precision and tilt motion assistance.

The new twist locks allow the easy opening and closure of all sections at once with a single hand, making it ultra-fast to operate the tripod. Twist locks occupy less space compared to a lever, making the tripod light and compact.
The 90°column mechanism is hidden inside the tripod’s top casting until it’s needed; the mechanism can then be raised with a single finger, allowing the centre column to swing to the horizontal position.

Together, the 90°column and the 4 leg angles enable you to get low down to the ground like no other tripod.

Taking its lead from our professional equipment lines, an Easy Link attachment in the top casting turns the tripod into a mobile studio and allows it to hold a LED light, reflector or other accessory.

This kit comprises the Manfrotto’s most compact, precise and reliable 804 Mark II 3-way photographic head.

Constructed of ultra durable and lightweight technical polymer, the new 804 is now even compact thanks to the new retractable levers, with ergonomics handle provided with rubber. The new patented 804 has a unique spring feature to assist in the tilt motion of the head to compensate for heavier, off-centre loads. Moreover the standard quick release plate fits snugly in the low-profile receiver.

The 190 go! is made in Italy by Manfrotto. 

Material Carbon Fiber
Leg Type Single
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Closed Length 57 cm
Max Height 158 cm
Min Height 8 cm
Head Type 3 Way Head
Base Type Flat
Colour Black
Safety Payload 4 kg
Maximum Height (with Center Column Down) 134,5 cm
Weight 2100 g
Leg Angles 25°,46°,66°,88°
Legs Tube Diameter | 63/64" - 55/64" - 3/4" - 5/8"
Centre Column rapid