Joby Action Jib Kit & Pole

Joby Action Jib Kit & Pole


Joby Action Jib Kit & Pole

Joby Action Jib Kit & Pole

Portable Jib Kit for Action Cameras
Three 20" Modular Extension Poles
Removable & Adjustable Pole Clamps
Adjustable Pulley Cord for Tilt Control
Clamps Can Be Mounted 35-49" Apart
1/4"-20 Screw on Handle for Accessories
Carry Bag for Kit Components

The Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack from Joby lets you add exciting jib-style shots to your action camera videos. The portable jib package includes three 20" aluminum extension poles that screw together and two adjustable pole clamps. One clamp goes towards the base of the pole, providing a handle to operate a pulley system for tilt control, while the other goes at the end of the pole and features a camera mounting bracket with a 1/4"-20 screw. A pulley cord is included that can be tied to accommodate different pole lengths. The clamps can be spaced 35" to 49" apart.

The three extension poles feature standard painter's pole threading, which allows them to be screw together and accommodate an optional paint roller extension poles to create different pole lengths. A 1/4"-20 screw on the handle grip lets you attach optional accessories, such as a Joby Arm and GripTight to support your phone for remote video monitoring and camera control. All Jib Kit components (excluding the poles) come in a compact bag for convenient storage and travel.

Key Features
Three 20" modular aluminum extension poles with 3/4"-5 paint roller pole threading
Removable, adjustable pole clamps
Camera bracket with 1/4"-20 screw
Pulley system with handle for controlling tilt
Cord length adjustable from to accommodate clamp distances from 35" to 49"
1/4"-20 screw on handle for optional phone-mount accessories for remote monitoring
Carry bag included that holes kit components

Dimensions and Weight:

Action Jib Kit:
Product Dimensions: 19 x 9 x 20 cm (7.48 x 3.54 x 7.87 in)
Weight: 320 g (0.70 lbs)
Packaged Weight: 370 g (0.81 lbs)

Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack:
Product Dimensions: 19 x 7.8 x 152.8 cm (7.48 x 3.07 x 60.16 in)
Weight: 665 g (1.46 lbs)
Packaged Weight: 720 g (1.58 lbs)

Connection Point:

1/4"-20 standard tripod mount, GoPro mount

ABS Plastic, Elastic, Nylon, Stainless Steel, Steel, TPE